A Catholic entity in Somalia triples its stabilization centers to fight against malnutrition


The challenge of malnutrition and other problems facing the people of God in Somalia may not end anytime soon, Mr. Healy said in radio interviews, adding that the crisis could stretch into 2023 and beyond due to the predicted 5th low rainfall season. .

In a July 11 reportMr. Healy was quoted as saying that although the world is focused on the “terrible crisis in Ukraine”, what was happening “in Somalia and the Horn of Africa” should not be overlooked.

“Severe malnutrition has taken hold in Somalia and it will worsen in the coming months unless urgent action is taken,” said the head of Trocaire said.

In the interview with RTÉ radio which was published on August 4, Mr Healy referred to his own experience in Somalia, saying: “I have been watching this for over two decades now and I have seen a gradual decrease from the predictability of rains, long dry seasons, severe flooding and all being precipitated by the impact of climate change.

He recalled an incident where a family lost a child on their way to Boyle IDP camp and the family had to bury the child by the side of the road and continue the journey.

“I can’t just imagine the suffering of mothers watching this child die on the road,” said the country director of Trócaire Somalia.

Right now, he said, “we are talking to a quarter of a million people in south-central Somalia in the Gedo region who have lived there for 30 years but have lost everything.”

He explained: “3 million head of cattle have disappeared, half the population is on the brink of starvation, commodity prices have increased due to global economic factors, the situation is in fact desperate and there is no there has never been a drought like this in 70 years. ”

In the interview with RTÉ 1 radio, Mr Healy expressed his gratitude for the support given by the Irish government and said that the humanitarian response to the crisis in Somalia is around 30%, adding that there is “a huge need for more support”.

He added: “The Irish public have never forgotten us; the historical memory of the famine is still with us in Ireland and we are asking for financial support to be able to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, especially children in our stabilization centers with basic things like food.


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