Artisan Partners Asset Management: Yuanyuan Ji appointed associate portfolio manager on Artisan China post-venture strategy


September 30, 2021

Yuanyuan Ji appointed associate portfolio manager on Artisan China post-company strategy

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Artisan Partners announced today that Yuanyuan Ji has been appointed associate portfolio manager on Artisan China’s post-venture strategy, effective immediately. Ms. Ji will support Tiffany Hsiao, CFA, Managing Director of Artisan Partners and Senior Portfolio Manager for Artisan China Post-Business Strategy. Ms. Ji’s new designation does not change the team’s decision-making process.

Ms. Ji is Director of Artisan Partners Hong Kong, Ltd. and has been working as a research analyst for Artisan China post-company strategy since joining Artisan Partners in October 2020. Prior to joining the company, Ms. Ji was Portfolio Manager for Matthews Asia, where she managed corporate strategy. small Chinese enterprises. Prior to that, Ms. Ji was Executive Director, Head of China Small Cap at Haitong International Securities Group in Hong Kong. Previously, Ms. Ji held various positions in finance and consulting, including British American Tobacco, PricewaterhouseCoopers and McKinsey & Company. Ms. Ji holds a BA in Economics and Finance from the University of Hong Kong.

Regarding the promotion, Ms. Hsiao said, “This promotion reflects the value added by Yuanyuan to the team. She will support me in my role as Chief Portfolio Manager, while continuing to play a critical role in our bottom-up research process and simultaneously strengthen our field presence in Asia. ”


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