Bellevue Asset Management launches Bellevue Global Income (Lux) Fund


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11.10.2021 / 07:00

Press release of October 11, 2021

Bellevue Asset Management launches Bellevue Global Income (Lux) Fund

New bond investment alternative

With the launch of the Bellevue Global Income (Lux) Fund, Bellevue Asset Management offers investors a new innovative fixed income solution. The ISIN B-EUR fund LU2382177330) was launched on September 30, 2021 and is based on a bond strategy that has already been successfully applied for many years in the widely diversified Bellevue Global Macro fund. The investment objective of the new fund is to obtain an excess return of 2% to 4% over the 3-month euro money market rate.

The new fund will be managed by Alexandrine Jaecklin and Lucio Soso, who also manage Bellevue’s Global Macro strategy. “We have gained extensive experience in implementing the Global Macro strategy over the past eleven years, which we can now apply to the pure bond solution,” explains Jaecklin, Head of Bond Investments at Bellevue. The neutral portfolio of the Bellevue Global Income Fund will be composed of 50% high yield bonds and 50% government bonds. It is derived from an internal analysis of asset allocation models which indicates that this allocation is among the most efficient portfolio allocations. It alleviates the drawbacks of a pure high yield bond portfolio by offering higher liquidity, lower volatility and lower drawdowns.

“The high yield segment is very heterogeneous and offers good investment opportunities. It is the contributor to performance, ”underlines Jaecklin. If necessary, if the investment environment changes, the high yield allocation can be reduced by up to 30% or increased by up to 70%. The risk-return is managed through the allocation of government bonds, which is the contributor to protection. “Government bonds protect the portfolio while contributing positively to performance,” adds Soso. Fund managers can use futures contracts to open long or short positions in government bonds. “This allows us to invest very profitably with high levels of liquidity,” added Soso. The fund’s management team also relies on its established and effective investment principles. “Our investment decisions are guided by fundamental analysis and we only invest in stocks that we clearly understand,” says Jaecklin. “Portfolio stability is important and will help us keep transaction costs as low as possible. “

Another increasingly important aspect is the integration of ESG criteria. For the Bellevue Global Income Fund, relevant ESG aspects are taken into account at every step of the investment process. To do this, Bellevue is partnering with leading ESG research providers around the world.

The new fund is listed in euros; portfolio positions in other currencies such as Swiss Franc, US Dollar and British Pound are hedged.


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