Benninghoff bill to divest Commonwealth of Russian and Belarusian financial assets passes in Pennsylvania –


HARRISBOURG – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Monday passed legislation sponsored by House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) that would strip the Commonwealth of Russian and Belarusian financial assets and prohibit future investments by Commonwealth funds in the financial assets of these countries.

“Put simply: Divesting Commonwealth investments from Russian and Belarusian financial assets is the right thing to do,” Benninghoff said. “As the Russian and Belarusian governments continue their unprovoked military atrocities and human rights catastrophe against the people and government of Ukraine, Pennsylvania speaks with one voice against this unfolding crisis and joins the rest of the free world to take actions that would marginalize Vladimir Putin and his national and geopolitical allies”.

The legislation, House Bill 2447, passed the House unanimously. It now heads to the Senate for review.

You can see the remarks Benninghoff made in the House chamber on the legislation here:

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