Central launches asset management system


Theft, abuse and misuse of ASSETS within the central provincial government will no longer be a problem after the launch of the provincial asset management system.

From now on, all assets such as land, vehicles and others belonging to the province will be closely monitored and subject to scrutiny to ensure that they add value to the lives of the people of the central province.

Governor Robert Agarobe said at the launch yesterday that having a capital asset management system is a crucial part of any government or business’ fiscal responsibility.

“Having a capital asset management system is an important area of ​​financial management and reporting,” he said.

Assets add value to organizations and provide support services and Central is no exception.

Therefore, proper maintenance and management of central provincial government fixed assets is highly recommended for their specific purposes. »

The provincial government has contracted technology company Kumul Soft for the task which, according to its acting chief executive Paul Muingnepe, the company has worked with several other ministries and provincial governments to help with similar issues.

“This fixed asset management system captures the full lifecycle of assets, from procurement to disposal. You can’t say something is damaged and you just remove it from your office, you have to go through the disposal process,” he said.


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