CoinShares acquires Napoleon Asset Management


London-based digital asset management company that provides financial products and services to professional investors, CoinShares acquired the French company Napoleon Asset Management. The agreement will allow CoinShares to offer AIFM-compliant products and services, in addition to its leading position as an issuer of crypto Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).

The new purchase will also enhance CoinShares’ offering by leveraging active investment strategies based on algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence for digital assets built by Napoleon Asset Management’s quantitative teams.

The transaction follows the acquisition of Napoleon Group last December and is part of CoinShares’ strategy to grow into a full-service digital asset trading and investment group, within a robust regulatory framework.

The platform had previously acquired a 20.28% stake in the Swiss online bank FlowBank increase its stake to 29.3%.

Jean-Marie Mognetti, CEO of CoinShares, said, “After recent events in the digital asset industry, it has never been clearer that strong regulation is necessary for crypto to thrive. The integration of the company into our group is a further step in the right direction towards investor protection. We are one of the most regulated digital asset investment firms in the industry. Our regulated status in a growing number of jurisdictions is one of CoinShares’ main strengths.

Jean-Charles Dudek, CEO of Napoleon Asset Management, added: “We have continued to develop the synergies between our two businesses since CoinShares acquired the Napoleon Group last December. The integration of Napoleon Asset Management into the group was then anticipated but necessarily had to await the review and approval of the change of control by the AMF.


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