Consultancy launches innovative asset management software, the first of its kind for the construction industry


Following the success of its JB-Edocs –mobile compatible interactive documentation– JBAssociates, a construction consultancy based in the south of England, has now released JBA-360, the latest format of its interactive operation and maintenance manuals. The new product offers 3D scanning and asset management software services designed to provide architects, facility managers and building owners with easy access and full transparency to a building.

If this type of software has been used in other industries, it is a first for the construction sector. Historically, ongoing maintenance, repair work, renovations or planned expansion programs would have been a long and expensive exercise performed via a 3D model using data sheets and associated manuals. This innovative JBA-360 software service will provide facilities management teams with easy access to construction and construction assets through a state-of-the-art 4K resolution tool that includes a 9-lens camera system. The camera scans its surroundings and automatically assembles those scans into an easy-to-digest touring format of the entire building that can be easily viewed and edited on iOS, MacOS, or via a web app.

With JBA-360 Facility Management, teams will benefit from:

  • Export and share files using infrared sensors that capture 4 million distance measurements per panoramic scan.
  • Tagging and linking of files as annotations, URLs and files can be placed anywhere in the 3D model, which has huge advantages for snapping, viewing datasheets of plant equipment, linking suppliers and contractors.
  • Precise Measurements, 2D Overhead and Walkthrough modes can be turned on and off and between Metric and Imperial units.
  • The advantage of the built-in infrared sensor (accuracy to 0.9%) on measurements, which is extremely valuable if you are working remotely.
  • The ability to optimize equipment installation by overlaying CAD elements to accurately demonstrate the completed installation.
  • Create the equipment inventory and maintenance records.

Julian Butler, CFO and Founder of JB Associates, said:

“We know, working in this industry for many years, that building owners will revisit BIM manuals and models in the years and months after a building is handed over, to initiate new design work, undergo a maintenance and extend the possibilities of extension. We wanted to create a user-friendly software service that gives our customers and partners a more accurate, faster and more cost-effective option. JBA-360 scanning technology will benefit our customers long after construction is complete by providing a real-time, accessible and interactive platform from design to construction and beyond.

To learn more about the new JBA-360 from JB Associates, visit their website

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