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SEATTLE, December 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Update 7.5 has been released for on-premises and cloud versions of the Daminion Digital Asset Management system, which will delight marketing and communications departments and those involved in building and managing contents . Below is the list of software enhancements:

Face recognition

One of the most requested features is now available in Daminion Face Recognition and it greatly simplifies the process of tagging a large number of photos with people. Artificial intelligence will find all images of people and consolidate them in your archive, making the tagging process much easier. In addition, all data will be kept safe on your server.

Adobe InDesign connector

Working with InDesign documents is now significantly improved and faster: you can drag and drop images onto your InDesign document directly from Daminion, work with medium resolution versions of images, which speeds up loading of large InDesign documents.

The new Daminion Connector for Adobe InDesign also helps you avoid the painful issues of broken links in InDesign files and allows your team to work with InDesign documents from multiple locations (office, home, etc.).

Adobe Photoshop connector

The new integration with Photoshop allows seamless work with PSD and other image files. Additionally, Daminion Connector for Photoshop eliminates the inconvenience of uploading and uploading files to / from Daminion all the time.

“The new version will offer more opportunities to the marketing, communication and creative teams. Facial recognition is ideal for universities that need security for data storage, as it is now offered in the on-premises version. Adobe connectors are great for architecture, construction, and engineering companies and those who create a lot of proposals and brochures. If you haven’t tried Daminion yet, now is the time. “

Murat Korkmazov, CEO, Daminion Software

You can find the full list of new and improved features here.

Damion Software was launched in 2003 when it developed its own digital asset management system, which is available in both – on-premises and in the cloud versions. Its award-winning digital asset management (DAM) platform gives marketers a smart way to find and share creative files like graphics, videos, and documents.

Daminion has more than 800 corporate clients and more than 500,000 users in the United States and Europe. Daminion proudly remains one of the few DAM software to offer on-premise solutions to its customers.

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Image 1: Facial recognition

Daminion Face Recognition greatly simplifies the process of tagging a large number of photos with people.

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