EQONEX Group shareholders vote to change listed entity name to EQONEX Limited at AGM


SINGAPORE, September 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Diginex Limited (Nasdaq: EQOS), a digital asset financial services company, today announced that its shareholders have voted to change its name to EQONEX Limited (“the Company”) . The Company’s Nasdaq ticker, EQOS, will remain.

The name change was approved by shareholders at the Company’s first annual general meeting (AGM). This decision represents the last step in the unification of the Company’s activities under the EQONEX brand, following a rebranding initiated in June 2021.

The EQONEX brand emphasizes the crypto ecosystem of companies that represent the EQONEX group, which includes: EQONEX, a crypto and derivatives exchange, Digivault, a UK registered crypto custodian FCA, Bletchley Park, an asset manager, EQONEX Investment Products, a future investment products company, EQONEX Lending, a crypto borrowing and lending platform, Access Trading, a cross-platform trading platform, and EQONEX Capital, which offers crypto securitization services.

The rebranding to EQONEX follows the sale of Diginex Solutions, the blockchain ESG solutions company, in May 2020.

Richard byworth, CEO of EQONEX Group, said: “The change of corporate name represents the last step in our efforts to align all of our activities under the EQONEX brand. We are delighted that a majority of our shareholders have voted in favor of this change and supporting us as we move towards becoming a leader in digital asset financial services. “

In addition to the vote in favor of the change of company name, all of the resolutions submitted to the vote of the shareholders were adopted, including:

  • The Directors’ Declaration and the Statutory Audited Consolidated Financial Statements of Singapore for the Company’s Ended Financial Year March 31, 2021
  • UHY Lee Seng Chan & Co. reappointed as Company auditor
  • Power of the Board of Directors of the Company to allot and issue ordinary shares of the Company
  • Power of the Board of Directors of the Company to offer and grant share-based compensation awards
  • Reduction of the notice period for Board meetings from 14 to 3 calendar days

Chi-won yoon, Chairman of EQONEX Group, said: “There have been a lot of positive developments since our listing on Nasdaq a year ago. The unique value proposition of our EQONEX ecosystem is gradually coming together to provide a complete one-stop-shop for investors in this asset class. Fiscal 2022 is shaping up to be another exciting year and we look forward to delivering more value to our shareholders. “


EQONEX is a digital asset financial services company focused on equity, governance and innovation. The group includes the EQONEX cryptocurrency exchange as well as an over-the-counter trading platform. It also offers an integrated front-to-back trading platform, Access Trading, securitization advisory service EQONEX Capital, Digivault, the leading hot and cold market custodian, and asset manager Bletchley Park.

For more information visit: https: //.group.eqonex.com.

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