Erika Jayne Uses ‘Glam’ Lifestyle To Hide Financial Assets From Husband’s Bankruptcy Case, New Court Document Says

  • Erika Jayne refuses to deliver bank statements related to Tom girardibankruptcy case, a new petition claims.
  • He claims Jayne has created a new Pretty Mess Inc. company to hide its assets from the bankruptcy trustee.
  • The trustee had previously confirmed that Girardi had granted Jayne a $ 20 million loan from his law firm.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsStar Erika Jayne has been accused of refusing to hand over bank statements related to her husband Tom Girardi’s ongoing bankruptcy case, according to court documents filed Wednesday and obtained by Insider.

Girardi – once known for winning multi-million dollar settlements as a personal injury lawyer – has been forced into involuntary bankruptcy. He and Jayne have also been accused of using a “sham” divorce to hide millions of money embezzled from the widows and orphans of plane crash victims.

A bankruptcy trustee is liquidating Girardi’s assets to pay off creditors, according to new ABC News / Hulu documentary “The Housewife and the Hustler,” which investigates the couple’s legal issues. They also asked for a special attorney to recover Jayne’s assets.

Jayne and Tom Girardi.

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The trustee’s special legal adviser has already confirmed that Girardi has transferred $ 20 million in loans from his law firm, Girardi Keese, to Jayne’s company EJ Global, according to the petition filed Wednesday. The trustee is now trying to uncover “the location of millions of dollars in dispute settlement products or other company assets that may have been fraudulently transferred” to Jayne.

Representatives for Girardi and Jayne did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

The motion also notes that Jayne created a new company, Pretty Mess Inc., “after this scandal was announced”, and claims that she used it to hide her assets from the trustee. He says Jayne has refused to give access to “all the books and records of EJ Global or any of its affiliates.”

“Over the days, Erika publicly dissipated the assets of the community by selling her clothes on public websites, posting big jewelry on social media and on television,” he continues.

The record also alleges that Erika “used glamor to continue to aid and encourage” the “fictitious transactions that occurred in relation to large asset transfers.”

“In addition, the administrator did not receive any cooperation from Erika,” he added.

The motion asked Michael Ullman, Jayne’s accountant, to turn over his bank statements due to the “need to find his money and investigate the receipt of funds” and “his purchases, including bling and glam. “.

Erika Jayne Uses 'Glam' Lifestyle To Hide Financial Assets From Husband's Bankruptcy Case, New Court Document Says
Jayne and Girardi have been accused of using a “sham” divorce to hide millions of dollars in embezzled funds from the families of plane crash victims.

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‘The Housewife and the Hustler’ brought new allegations against Jayne and Girardi

In addition to the recently released claim that Jayne received a $ 20 million loan from Girardi’s company, the documentary featured an unreleased deposition video in which Girardi admits he’s broke.

“At one point I had about $ 80 million, or $ 50 million in cash – it’s all gone,” he says in the clip. “I also had a stock portfolio of around $ 50 million, and it all disappeared.”

Another trial highlighted in the special found Jayne, 49, had been subpoenaed twice to give evidence on the couple’s assets, once on May 28 last year and again on May 28. September.

The hearings were postponed for undisclosed reasons, and Jayne was never questioned. She filed for Girardi’s divorce less than two months after the second subpoena, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

A day after the documentary premiered, Jayne’s lawyers demanded to step down from her tenure in Girardi’s ongoing bankruptcy case, saying the “relationship of trust” had “broken”. However, two days later, Jayne’s lawyers voluntarily withdrew that request to step down as counsel, court documents show Wednesday.

Jayne, who appears in the current season of “The Real housewives of Beverly Hills, “said on the show that she was unaware of the lawsuits until she filed for Girardi’s divorce in November.

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