EU imposes sanctions on 26 additional individuals and 1 entity in response to Russian military aggression against Ukraine


The Council of the European Union met yesterday, February 28, to discuss Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

During this meeting, the Council decided to add 26 natural persons and one Russian entity to the list of persons, entities and bodies which are now subject to restrictive measures.

According to the Council, such a decision was made since the actions undertaken by these individuals and the entity undermined and threatened the integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, reports

The Council revealed that the lists include businessmen and oligarchs active in the banking, oil and financial sectors. In addition, the lists also include government officials, propagandists and high-level military figures who have helped spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda and promote a positive attitude towards the invasion of Ukraine.

Commenting on the decision, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said that through these sanctions, the Council aims to target all persons and entities who play an important role in supporting the regime of Putin.

“With these additional sanctions, we are targeting all those who play an important economic role in supporting the Putin regime and who benefit financially from the system. These sanctions will expose the wealth of Putin’s elite. Those who allow the invasion of Ukraine will pay the price for their action,” he added. read Borell’s statement.

The restrictive measures that now apply to a total of 680 individuals and 53 Russian entities include an asset freeze and a ban on making funds available to them. In addition, the restrictive measures also include a travel ban, meaning that listed individuals are prohibited from entering or transiting EU territory.

The Council further noted that the package of measures also includes the provision of equipment and supplies to the Ukrainian armed forces, a ban on overflight of EU airspace and access to airports in the EU by Russian carriers of all kinds, as well as a ban on transactions with the Russian Central Bank.

“The European Union condemns in the strongest terms the unprovoked and unjustified military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. By its unlawful military actions, Russia flagrantly violates international law and the principles of the United Nations Charter and undermines European and global security and stability,” the Council pointed out.

Last week, the Council also imposed sanctions on President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov. In addition, the same have adopted far-reaching individual and economic sanctions.

The EU will prohibit the supply, sale and transfer or export to Russia of specific goods and technologies in oil refining. In addition, Russian officials, diplomats and businessmen will no longer be able to benefit from visa facilitation provisions.

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