Household financial assets exceed 72.7 billion euros


ZAGREB, July 18, 2021 – At the end of the first quarter of 2021, financial assets of Croatian citizens stood at HRK 545.3 billion, up 8.4% year-on-year, according to bank data central.

Compared to the end of 2020, the increase is 2%.

Deposits represent half of financial assets

Deposits continued to dominate household financial assets, exceeding HRK 271 billion and accounting for nearly 50% of those assets, followed by insurance and pensions (over HRK 152 billion), and stocks, stocks and funds. investment (over HRK 100 billion).

Financial debts HRK 153 billion

At end-March 2021, household financial obligations stood at HRK 153 billion, up 2.5% from end-March 2020 and 1.7% from end-2020.

Loans accounted for the lion’s share of household financial obligations, reaching HRK 143.76 billion, up 1.7% from end-March 2020.

These changes in assets and liabilities resulted in an annual increase of almost 11% in the financial net worth of the household sector, to HRK 392 billion at the end of March 2021. Compared to the end of 2020, the increase was 2.4%, continuing the trend of a gradual but constant increase.

(1 € = 7.5 HRK)

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