Iris Foundation, Cuban entity fighting against climate change (+ Photo)


Ulises Fernández, director of international relations of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma), indicated that the entity was born from the need to rationalize the links between the mechanisms that provide capital and the subjects involved in the execution of actions related to environmental protection.

Despite significant international cooperation on these issues, he said continuing these efforts faces significant obstacles, some of which stem from the US blockade of the island, which makes it difficult to access necessary funding and technologies.

With the aim of activating the institutional fabric, in accordance with the update of the country’s economic model, the creation of the Foundation was approved, the benefits of which are necessary for countries such as Cuba, which is a small island developing state. with large vulnerabilities, the official said.

On this basis, and in a context where the country is reviving the economy, it is proposed to create the institution within the framework of the national architecture to deal with climate change, he noted.

This, the source also revealed, would insert its work into the current process of decentralization of government management by building capacity at the local level, and at the same time creating a space for consultation for actions and projects where all forms of government actively intervene. and economic actors.

One of its foundations is based on maximizing the financial opportunities that a legal personality of this nature allows to receive and channel, without supplanting the roles of state institutions and other legally constituted associations and bodies.

It also seeks to intervene more directly and effectively in the implementation of climate actions with national actors, he added.

Another objective, deepened by Citma, lies in the creation of its own and/or related capacities that allow the nascent organization to be recognized as an accredited national entity with the Green Climate Fund and other sources of funding. climatic.

The acronym (IRIS) refers to the words Research, Resilience, Innovation and Sustainability.



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