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LEON quietly identifies a new acquisition in the industry

LARGO, FL /ACCESSWIRE/July 15, 2022/ Today, Leone Asset Management (OTC PINK: LEON) announced that it has entered into a letter of intent and proceeded with an agreement to acquire two subsidiaries, NewVision Solar and PetroFluids, Inc. Each of the subsidiaries is incorporated in the State of Florida . .

As energy continues to be a financial direction across the globe, coupled with a lingering sentiment for its sustainability, Leone Asset Management is targeting disruptive green energy technologies and manufacturing companies. NewVisions Solar develops cutting-edge solar technology outside the realm of silicon materials. “Increased efficiency, reduced costs and a smaller footprint; that’s how we achieve it,” said CEO James Price. LEON is entering the due diligence phase with the expectation of closing in the third quarter. Upon completion of the acquisition, Leone will seek a name change to NewEnergy Solutions, Inc.

About Leone Asset Management

Leone Asset Management, Inc. is a multinational, multi-industry conglomerate with subsidiaries that operate in health and wellness, media and communications, infrastructure development, agricultural management and mineral exploration . For more information, please visit www.leoneasset.com.

About NewVision Solar

NewVision Solar, Inc. develops graphene/hexagonal boron nitride (graphene/h-BN Solar) technology. Created is a solar technology that will change the solar industry over the next 5 years by introducing crystalline materials capable of capturing 300% more energy, at lower cost, than solar using silicon. For more information, please visit www.newenergysolutionsusa.com

About PetroFluids

PetroFluids, Inc. has developed, patented and extensively tested a biodegradable chemical mixture intended to boost production in completed oil wells. The chemical deals with various issues that arise as the wellbore production cycle matures. Tests show that current crude oil production is doubled after the introduction of the proprietary product.

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