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BOSTON, April 12, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lifespin GmbH, a deep data company mapping human health and building an innovative metabolomics-based health diagnostic testing platform, today announced that it has officially created a US entity, Lifespin, Inc., incorporated in Delaware, and initially based in Boston (MA) to accelerate the company’s access to US healthcare market opportunities, clinical research partners and investors.

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An individual’s metabolic state is quantitatively measured with NMR and processed with Lifespin™ proprietary advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms for health status determination and diagnosis of diseases and results are provided via the cloud (Image: Lifespin GmbH) .

“The establishment of our commercial entity in the United States represents an important step in our development here in the United States and will be followed by an expansion of commercial and R&D activities,” said Dr. Ali Tinazli, President and Chief management of Lifespin, Inc.

Dr. Trevor Hawkins, Lifespin, Inc. board member and internationally recognized healthcare and technology industry expert, will lead the US operation with Dr. Tinazli. “We are fully committed to the US market and have already begun exploring R&D and go-to-market partners across clinical labs, drug discovery and healthcare providers,” Hawkins said. Among the members of Lifespin GmbH’s distinguished Board of Directors is Dr. James Rothman, Sterling Professor of Cell Biology at Yale University and winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine.

Lifespin is developing a breakthrough diagnostic testing platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to quantitatively identify variations in a person’s metabolism from the healthy database based on Lifespin’s proprietary database to help clinicians, for example, diagnose diseases earlier. Lifespin combines biology, deep data, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies to enable digital metabolic insights for: precision diagnostics, including personalized disease management; accurate drug monitoring for pharmaceutical, research and clinical settings; and precision nutrition for diabetes, obesity, diet and lifestyle interventions.

The first commercial product in the regulated space will be software algorithms for scalable health testing via the cloud as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It is expected to launch in Europe later this year as a laboratory-developed test for the clinical evaluation of multiple sclerosis, and later in the United States, followed by a test for Parkinson’s disease in 2023.

Clinical results to date using Lifespin’s technology platform in a research-only setting are very promising. Watch the company’s explainer video for more information on where its technology is headed.

Lifespin is currently engaged in Series A fundraising to fund new product introductions and support the expansion of its operations in the United States.

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tower of life ( is a deep data company that maps human health based on metabolomics. Lifespin has standardized the human health baseline to detect distinct deviations from the human metabolome caused by diseases. Studies show that pathogenesis impacts metabolism, causing specific changes in the presence and amount of metabolites. Lifespin is building an in-house biobank that already includes over 200,000 human blood samples. Lifespin’s proprietary diagnostic technology platform is capable of quantitatively capturing individual metabolomes, i.e. up to hundreds of metabolite concentrations with a single nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurement. Using its technology, Lifespin performs quantitative internal metabolome measurements for systematic mapping of various health conditions, by digitizing metabolic profiles that include billions of metabolic relationships. These digital metabolic profiles will enable differential diagnosis for early detection of health problems, disease staging, monitoring of treatment success, and personalized medicine. Lifespin’s first government-approved Software-as-IVD will be for early differential diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and is expected in Europe in 2022, followed by the United States. Additional tests for the detection of neurological, cancerous and inflammatory diseases are in preparation. Lifespin’s cloud-based business model is built on its proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for diagnostics and health information and is globally scalable. The Lifespin Advisory Board is comprised of key opinion leaders such as James Rothman (Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology/Medicine, Sterling Professor of Cell Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT USA) and other prominent leaders in the fields of study concerned.

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