Montgomery Council Creates Early Childhood Care and Education Coordinating Entity – Conduit Street


Montgomery County Council approved Bill 42-21, establishing an independent organization focused on access, equity and inclusion in early care and education programs while helping the sector grow recover from the pandemic.

The Montgomery County Board unanimously approved Bill 42-21, which would require the board to designate a nonprofit corporation to serve as the county’s early care and education coordinating entity, and to establish its guidelines and functions. Board Chairman Gabe Albornoz and Board Members Nancy Navarro and Craig Rice are the primary sponsors of the bill, and all other board members are co-sponsors.

“With voting power and accountability, this newly implemented law will bring together employers, philanthropic organizations, government entities, child care providers and parents to ensure equitable access to care and education. to our most precious asset, our children,” said Council President Albornoz. “This win-win approach will create seeds of change not just within families, but for our economic and social sectors that have been rocked by this global pandemic.”

According to the county press release:

The Early Childhood Care and Education Coordinating Entity created by this legislation will serve as a public-private convener to help build a more unified system and bring together all stakeholders, including health care providers, social service agencies and other support organizations, employers and childcare providers. Its goal is to help facilitate sustainable economic recovery for the county and future growth by helping to identify needs and coordinate resources across the ECE system.

The chosen entity will be a non-stock Maryland non-profit corporation, exempt from federal income tax and headquartered in the county. Its council would consist of nine ex-officio civil servants and 12 private sector members appointed by the executive and confirmed by the council.

Read the full press release.
See Bill 42-21.


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