Nigeria will not allow any entity to undermine ties with Turkey – Presidency


The Presidency has stated that it will not allow any business entity operating in its field to undermine its relations with the Republic of Turkey.

The President’s Senior Special Assistant for Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, revealed this in a notice titled “Takeaways from President Buhari’s epic visit to Turkey.”

The presidency referred to “certain Turkish investments, schools and hospitals associated with an opposition figure linked to the failed coup and the attempted assassination of President Erdogan”.

PUNCH reported that Turkish President Recep Erdogan during a joint press conference with President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired) in Abuja in October, said terrorists who attempted to kill him ‘eliminated by a coup in 2016 were still active in Nigeria.

Erdogan, who was on a two-day official visit to Nigeria, in 2016 accused the allies of a prominent cleric, Fethullah Gulen, owner of Turkish schools and hospitals across Nigeria, of sponsoring the coup. .

The Turkish envoy to Nigeria, Mr. Hakan Cakil, then asked Buhari to close Turkish schools and hospitals in Nigeria belonging to a group of Turkish private investors inspired by the philosophy of the Hizmet movement.

The Nigerian government, however, rejected the proposal.

On Sunday, shortly after Buhari returned from Turkey, the presidency said: “As we enter January of next year, a team from the Turkish defense establishment should be in Nigeria with the aim of doing so. advance discussions on the issue of military procurement.

“The national security component also has a Turkish angle and has proven to be one of the gains, in the sense that the two countries have a common vision of what Turkey perceives as a threat to the security of their nation and of its leaders present in Nigeria. .

“These are certain Turkish investments, schools and hospitals associated with an opposition figure linked to the failed coup and the attempted assassination of President Erdogan.

“This existed as a critical but unspoken issue, with the potential to undermine the relationship despite the strong trust-based friendship between the leaders of the two nations. However, it appears that there is solid common ground and understanding to be found. achieved.

“The government of Nigeria will not allow any part of our territory to be used to undermine a friendly state like Turkey.

“Under the strict governance structure and management of our Central Bank and Financial Intelligence Unit, the money from the investments in question cannot be moved anywhere to finance subversive activities. ”

Shehu added that although protecting foreign investments is sacrosanct, the government will not allow interests, individual or collective, to undermine the warm and cordial relations between the two nations.

Referring to Turkey’s interest in Africa, the presidency felt that “Turkey’s accession to Africa is a logical path to follow, given that the country has gone through major economies to Africa. search for economic and national development, abandoned this process and became, on their own, the fastest growing economy in Europe.

“Turkey is serious about working with Africa in a win-win relationship. Although not yet accepted as a member of the EU, it is a major player on the continent in many ways and is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Turkey also has close ties to the Middle East.

“In Asia, the competition is tough, with China, Japan, South Korea and others. But see what discipline, national mobilization and determination have brought Turkey to where it is today. Thus, Africa may seem to them a good bet for solidarity and the market.

“For us on the continent, there is no doubt that the big countries are not really useful all the time. In some cases, like with the COVID-19 vaccine, we’ve seen how this could become okay. ”

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