Northpoint Asset Management Announces Promotion of Tyler Hartle to Executive Vice President


Tyler Hartle, Executive Vice President

Northpoint Asset Management

Northpoint Asset Management

Additionally, Audley Humes as Regional Manager for Florida, Anne Willey as Regional Manager for Nevada, and Dana Bain as Senior Manager.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, March 1, 2022 / — North point Asset ManagementInc. today announced the promotion of Tyler Hartle to Executive Vice President of Northpoint’s Executive Committee, Anne Willey as Regional Director for the State of Nevada, the addition of Audley Humes as Director Regional Director for the State of Florida and Dana J. Bain as Northpoint’s Senior Regional Director of Institutional Business Services.

“I am pleased to announce Tyler’s promotion to the company. Since joining Northpoint he has worked hard to help establish Northpoint as an industry leading real estate company and I believe that in this new position he can advance the interests of the company as well as his own leadership capacity. said John M. Laviter, President and CEO of Point Nord.

“One of Tyler’s abilities is his innate ability to work around people’s obstacles. He always seems to maintain a professional and upbeat attitude no matter what challenge he or the other team members working with him encounter,” Mr. Laviter continued.

Mr. Hartle joined Northpoint as Vice President of Business Development and Recruitment in 2020. In his new role, Mr. Hartle is responsible for leading and developing new growth strategies, recruiting new talent to enterprise-wide, business processes through customer feedback and customers. – setting expectations and building awareness to drive Northpoint’s ability to meet clients’ real estate investment goals.

“Situated at the center of the real estate investment and management industry, Northpoint has proven itself capable of significantly improving the reach and financial results of its clients in their respective markets,” said Mr. Hartle. “I am excited to help lead the next wave of real estate ownership opportunities with our retail and institutional clients and provide the best recruitment of leadership teams across the country,” he continued. During Mr. Hartle’s personal time, he acts as an advisor to the veteran community and is an advocate for the prevention of child abuse initiatives.

Ms. Willey, Mr. Humes and Mr. Bain each began their new responsibilities on March 1, 2022. All were promoted based on their excellent work ethic, team spirit, performance and demonstrated commitment to furthering the objectives of The Business of Northpoint. “I look forward to seeing them grow and excel. I know each one personally and think the absolute world of them,” Mr. Laviter said.

About North Point:

Northpoint Asset Management is a real estate investment and management firm with approximately 30 offices across the United States; providing services and orchestrating nearly $4 billion in real estate assets nationwide. Northpoint manages both commercial and residential real estate for thousands of clients across the United States, including some of the world’s largest institutional investors.

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