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“What’s remarkable about the new H4000 Essential is that we’ve brought the most important features from two powerful platforms – CatDV and StorNext – and removed the complexity and time to configure and manage them separately and to set up production workflows.The H4000 Essential is the fastest solution for championing a new project or team, whether working directly on storage, collaborating remotely from the field, managing multiple projects simultaneously or all of the above,” said Dave Clack, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Software and Analytics, Quantum. “For the first time, these advanced technologies are within the reach of small creative groups everywhere.”

“Switch is a fast and agile brand and experience agency for leading content and enterprise brands – our work connects digital and brand marketing with virtual and hybrid meeting events, trade shows and on-line marketing. We have multiple ongoing projects on our team all the time, so it’s important for us to have an all-in-one content management and storage solution like the H4000 Essential for our fast-paced deliverables. “, said Darren TempleCEO and President of Switch.

Features of the H4000 Essential are specifically designed for the needs of small freelance creative teams and include:

  • StorNext collaborative shared storage systems from 48TB or 96TB raw storage in a compact 2U server, expandable up to 384TB with purchase of additional storage
  • A highly available dual-controller architecture
  • Out-of-the-box, intuitive user experience designed to get creative professionals up and running quickly
  • 25GbE network connection to customer networks
  • Unified StorNext and CatDV account creation with SMB storage volume sharing powered by StorNext
  • StorNext shared storage operations to trigger file ingest, metadata extraction, proxying and camera roll without the need for a ‘file tree query’
  • Automatic content ingestion, metadata extraction, proxy, thumbnail and filmstrip creation
  • Automatic cataloging and indexing of content based on folder structure, immediately available to all users
  • Highly efficient StorNext and CatDV integration to avoid file system polling that can impact performance
  • Quantum CatDV pre-installed and pre-configured for use by up to 10 named users, including use of Adobe Premiere Pro CatDV Panel
  • Integration with Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) software for remote and proactive system monitoring
  • Archive plugins available for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, or choice of S3 compatible storage

The available archive plugins are a powerful way to expand CatDV’s searchable catalog as projects are completed and moved to cloud storage, while keeping them available for quick recall as needed on the H4000 Essential:

“We love giving agile and creative teams cloud storage that offers ease, flexibility, and immediate availability when they need it. Combining the H4000 Essential’s impressive feature set with the Backblaze B2 Archive plugin makes exactly that: it allows customers to grow and protect archives at any scale while maintaining visibility into all the content they have stored on Backblaze B2 through the powerful visual catalogs provided by the user interface,” said Nilay PatelVice President of Sales and Partnerships at Backblaze.

“We are impressed with how quickly a fully configured and integrated instance of shared storage powered by StorNext and Quantum CatDV is up and running,” said Nick Smith, VP Technology, Exertis Broadcast. “We see H4000 Essential as a powerful way to put world-class tools in the hands of content teams across our nationwide network of VARs.”

The H4000 Essential is available for immediate ordering from Quantum Value Added Resellers worldwide. Quantum will showcase the H4000 Essential at the NAB show in Vegas April 23-27 at stands N4109 and N4106. For more information on this and all of Quantum’s Media & Entertainment and Enterprise Video solutions, visit www.quantum.com

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