Society must speak out now, communities must come together as one to fight terrorism


Urging people to isolate terrorist elements to promote peace and tranquility in the union territory, Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha said Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing unique pollution in the form of terrorism.

The Lieutenant Governor made the remarks while addressing the ‘One Earth, Shared Future’ program organized by the Srinagar Forest Department.


The event marked the commemoration of World Environment Day. The themes of International Day for Biological Diversity and Environment Day have been combined to encourage people to preserve and conserve the ecosystem

He urged residents of J&K to isolate terrorist elements to promote peace. “At J&K, we are witnessing another type of pollution-terrorism, exported by our neighboring country and threatening our social harmony,” he said.

“Terrorists are targeting innocent men, women and even children. Society must speak out now, communities must come together as one to fight this threat,” the Lieutenant Governor said.

“Terrorism has no place in our society. I call on every citizen to isolate terrorist elements and expose their brutality. It is the fundamental duty of every citizen to the nation to protect and promote peace,” observed the Lieutenant Governor.

He added that the police and security forces are fighting the terrorist threat with restraint and fairness and saving innocent lives. Our forces will continue to respond effectively and with a firm resolve to end the destructive threat of terrorism.

Call for collective efforts to face the challenge of climate change

“Climate change is a reality. We experience it in the form of climatic extremes, such as the unprecedented heat wave and untimely heavy rains that challenge and endanger the existing ecosystem,” he said.

“This year’s World Environment Day theme ‘Only One Earth’ is a reminder to the world that protecting the environment or living a sustainable way of life is not the business of a privileged few, but a collective responsibility of all of us,” added the Lieutenant Governor.

LG Manoj Sinha


“Ecological sensitivities, conservation of natural heritage, sustainable lifestyle and holistic approach for an environmentally friendly development path can enhance our ability to address environmental crises and reverse environmental degradation “, he observed.

“We are an intrinsic part of nature. For our future generations, everyone must contribute to maintaining the delicate balance of nature. Ecological harmony and pragmatic measures such as the synergy between economic growth and environmental protection for projects can effectively combat climate change,” he added. .


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