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“Acquiring equipment has been difficult due to semiconductor shortages, supply chain disruptions and COVID has taken its toll on many budgets,” says Sandi Conrad. “Knowing where the lifespan of computers can be extended, recovering equipment from remote users, and preparing for the next operating system upgrade are all difficult enough. Without the tools to discover and manage assets, understand usage, and refine budgets, the data is much less accurate than it should be. “

IT Asset Management (ITAM) software automates and supports the set of business practices that typically bring together financial, contractual, and inventory functions to support lifecycle management and strategic decision-making for the IT environment. Assets include all of the software and hardware found in the business environment.

“We find that many organizations struggle with cost optimization efforts, but neglect to see the connection and value to implement asset management,” explains Sandi Conrad, Senior Research Director at Info-Tech Research Group. “Cost optimization shouldn’t focus on the best negotiated discount, but should start by evaluating usage, streamlining hardware and software installations, and ensuring that the products used are fit for purpose. This must be an ongoing role with the right tools in place to enable regular asset management, especially as organizations innovate and introduce new technologies into their IT ecosystem. “

Top ITAM vendors recognized by SoftwareReviews have received high scores on the Organization’s Emotional Footprint Diamond, which is informed by verified survey data collected from real end users.

the Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) of each software vendor is the result of aggregated assessments of emotional responses in the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, strategy and innovation. The NEF is a powerful indicator of the user’s overall sentiment towards the vendor and their product from the point of view of the software user.

The champions of IT asset management in the enterprise market are:

The mid-market IT asset management champions are:

“IT asset management should be viewed as an IT department that provides data to all of IT for rapid decision-making and to avoid unexpected increases in project costs when licenses are validated after go-live. work of architectural decisions ”, explains Sandi Conrad. “ITAM powers financial management with data, including cloud cost optimization, compliance and legislation, project management, supplier management and enables accountability at all stages of the lifecycle, including elimination. “

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