TradeMarkets now provides access to over 80 financial assets


SANDOWN, South Africa, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With rapid technological developments, many financial products have become accessible to market participants. Subsequently, most enthusiasts now prefer to engage with new and high-potential titles in addition to traditional assets. Many are adopting a multi-purpose service for their marketplace projects to avoid jumping from one platform to another. Recognizing this, TradeMarkets now lists over 80 financial securities in various classes – all in one place.

“TO TradeMarketswe have always prioritized the convenience of our customers by providing a secure and feature-rich system,” said Jessica Barnes, spokesperson for TradeMarkets. “To further enhance the user experience, we have expanded our collection of tradable assets with a wider variety of stocks, currency pairs, digital coins, indices, and commodities. Additionally, our team has taken advanced steps to cultivate a transparent environment where users can enjoy increased liquidity, fast order execution and low-cost trading.”

An intuitive ecosystem

TradeMarkets incorporates many dynamic features, including high-tech platforms, state-of-the-art tools, free training and a professional support team to perpetuate a quality environment. Additionally, the broker implements strong security policies and encryption protocols to ensure user account data is protected. TradeMarkets is a unique platform specially designed to connect market participants with various financial markets.

“TradeMarkets aims to help participants effectively manage the complexities and risks associated with financial markets,” Barnes added. “We have implemented a high-quality system with a range of state-of-the-art financial instruments and tools to support all market activities. In addition, we are fully committed to regularly improving our services to maintain an up-to-date ecosystem in accordance with the constant evolution of the financial situation. dynamic.”

About TradeMarkets

TradeMarkets is a reliable brokerage platform bringing together a wide range of financial instruments related to five asset classes: stocks (US and EU), indices, digital assets, metals and energy and currency pairs. The brand welcomes state-of-the-art platforms with multiple analysis tools and personalized objects, to perpetuate a fluid link between its users and the terminals on the market. Moreover, at TradeMarkets, clients can take advantage of multiple account types, 10+ payment methods and competitive pricing to steadily progress in their trading activities. To sum up, the broker incorporates many innovative features and a highly secure infrastructure, to create a productive environment suitable for both novice and expert participants.

The Company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (“FSCA”) and operates as a financial services provider under the Financial Intermediaries and Advisory Services Act.

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